San Francisco’s Flatiron

The Sentinel Flatiron Building, Columbus Tower, owned by Francis Ford Coppola on Columbus at Kearny in San Francisco. Cafe Zoetrope, (AKA Coppola’s Cupola), graces the ground floor.

{Designated landmark #33}


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I am a reader of good works, a story teller, a city girl and an avid shutterbug. peace * love
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2 Responses to San Francisco’s Flatiron

  1. Loved this building! san Francisco is so full of architecture, it’s a beautiful city! I did a map of the city which may be useful to you too have a look

  2. Thank you ~ I love your maps and your whole blog in general! The Flatiron building has always been a fave among all the great architecture in this city. And there is another flatiron on Market Street. Yes, San Francisco is a beautiful city – I love living here! 😉

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